Couples/Marital Therapy

Couples and Marital Therapy

Gestalt therapy is a holistic, experiential and relational way of working with individuals and couples. Our couples therapists are here to help your relationship thrive. We at Gestalt Columbus understand that being in a healthy, committed relationship is one of the hardest things we venture into.  Because of this, we believe that working together in therapy with your seasoned therapist will benefit your relationship in deep ways.  Couples therapy can be difficult, but we are here to help yours become wildly successful.

Pre-Marital Counseling: A semi-structured approach to pre-marital counseling

Provided by Gestalt therapist Stacy Ingraham, MSEd., LPCC-S

Stacy is excited to offer this semi-structured approach to pre-marital counseling. She developed this program because most couples say they wish they had come to see her at the beginning of their relationship. Many of us have an easy and blissful time falling in lust and love. Many of us do not learn the skills to sustain a loving, passionate, fulfilling, healthy long-term relationship.

This is an opportunity for you and your partner to get a solid start to building your life together as a married couple. Stacy’s approach to this pre-marital counseling program is to build upon couple’s strengths and help fill in any gaps that may exist. In the course of their work, each person will enhance their skills in the following areas:

  1. Commitment – Learn what you are really committing to by getting married, and gain skills in how to honor your commitment to each other.
  2. Conflict Management – Gain skills in how to protect the closeness in times of conflict.
  3. Emotional Connection – The excitement of the newness in a relationship, is ideally replaced by the intensity of the closeness.
  4. Keeping the spark alive – While we need to feel secure in our relationships, having some uncertainty and mystery is essential to having a fulfilling sexual, intimate relationship.

What to Expect

Stacy will spend time getting to know each of you as well as your relationship. She takes an active approach to therapy; therefore, while you will feel heard Stacy will also share feedback and impressions about how you relate to each other, and the impact this has on your relationship. Since the real work takes place outside of the therapy office, Stacy will provide suggestions about how you can make the most of your time between sessions.

Structure and Fees

This program consists of five meetings where the above topics will be addressed, in addition to specific issues you would like to cover. Each meeting will be 50-60 minutes. Sessions will take place weekly or two weeks and will be scheduled in advance. The total fee for this program is $500.00, which is due at the time of your first session. Couples who complete the program and want to pursue couples therapy with Stacy may do so at a discounted rate of $110.00 per session (typically $130.00 per session).

Questions & Scheduling

For questions and to schedule your first appointment, call Stacy Ingraham at 614-852-4866 ext. 103 or email