Therapy for Children and Adolescents

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We care deeply about providing effective counseling to children and adolescents. The Oaklander Model of Gestalt play therapy serves as a foundation to our work. Through this care, we are committed to structuring a therapeutic relationship that meets the child or adolescent where they are, allows them to hold a voice within the room, and considers the entire context. Through talk and play therapy, we have helped many clients work through their ongoing concerns and complaints.  From our experience, counseling has helped many children/adolescents:

•Have a neutral place to process feelings during family transitions (divorce, relocation, additions to family)

•Develop more confidence in relationships and become more aware and esteemed in their sense of self

•Learn to communicate needs more clearly in relationships with peers, authority, and parents.

Frequently Asked Questions
Where do parents fit into the process?

Parents are the crucial component of the therapeutic work we do with children and adolescents! We work closely with parents and caregivers to help you develop the needed skills to effect change in your family and support your child in their struggle to grow up. Our practice is committed to helping families connect and thrive and we are especially skilled teaching effective parenting strategies. Regardless of age or presenting problems as we work with your child, we will spend also spend a considerable amount of time with the parenting team to train you how to respond to and support your child as they do the hard work of therapy.

The central theme in our approach to families is Connection, Curiosity and Compassion. We work hard to teach parents how to be their child’s best support and we are committed to helping families create lasting connection, hold healthy boundaries and grow together.

Do we work with schools?

With parent permission we collaborate with schools so they can work effectively and with sensitivity to the child’s need. We have a working relationship with most of the schools (public and private) in the Columbus area and are proud to provide workshops and trainings to school staff and communities. These trainings can be done live and in person or virtually. In addition, we offer school observation and coaching of school staff.

We are frequently asked about supporting a child’s need for accomodation in the education setting from a socioemotional perspective as well as academic. For those students who require either an Accommodation Plan (also called a 504 Plan) or an Individualized Education Plan (an IEP), we are available to consult with you and your district to develop those plans.

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