Fall Sports, Parenting and No Verb Coaching…oh my!

boy in purple long sleeves shirt and purple pants holding brown football
Photo by Sides Imagery on Pexels.com

As fall sports roll out in varying degrees, many of us parent’s are back on the sidelines cheering for our little superstars. In our community parenting programs, we often talk about the importance of the parent child connection, but did you know the way you “cheer” for and motivate your child in sports might be breaking that connection? Studies show that children whose parents remain calm and supportive play sports longer into adulthood, perform better and enjoy the game more.

Here’s a helpful hint I recently learned from my own child’s soccer coach: No Verb Coaching. If I’m yelling a verb from the sideline, I’m overstepping, probably distracting my child and generally confusing things. How can I show my child I’m their biggest fan? By calming down, enjoying the game and supporting them to make their own mistakes.

Maintain the connection with your child, encourage them to relax and have fun and help foster a growth mindset and a love of sports by “daring to chill.”

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